Shades of Gray Venison Rolls 10 Pack

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About This Product:

Shades of Gray Venison Rolls Dog Treats are made with 100% Canadian venison. These exceptional quality treats are proudly 100% natural, and made with venison as the only ingredient. This makes them an ideal treat for all dogs, including those with allergies and sensitivities to common proteins. Meat used in these dehydrated raw rolls are raised without the use of antibiotics. They’re grain free, soy free, gluten free, and also dairy free.

Shades of Gray Venison Rolls Dog Treats are proudly made by an Aboriginal certified business in Ontario, Canada. They offer superior nutrition, and are loaded with wholesome protein, iron, and essential vitamins. Because they’re dehydrated raw, they contain the original nutrients and vitamins in their natural form, too. Plus, venison is an exceptionally low fat red meat. Pack of 10 artisanal rolls.

Selling Features:

  • An ultra premium dog chew
  • Dehydrated raw roll are loaded with nutrition
  • Made in Canada with 100% Canadian venison
  • Low fat
  • A certified Aboriginal product


100% Venison

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