Small Pet Select Belinda’s Blend Herbal Mix 2.5 oz

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About This Product:

Small Pet Select Belinda’s Blend Herbal Mix is a delicious blend of natural ingredients your rabbit, guinea pig or chicken will love! This herbal blend adds a nice variety to your small animal’s diet, giving them a great nutritional boost they need to thrive. This blend gives them the important nutrients and trace minerals they could be missing in their daily diet.

Small Pet Select Belinda’s Blend Herbal Mix is named after the Small Pet Select spokes rabbit, Belinda!  This Belinda inspired blend contains all the flowers your small pet loves and provides a variety of different ingredients they need to mimic forage, just like they would in nature. This whole food treat lets them bite, chew and crunch away, great for their mouth and dental health. Treat your small pet to this great smelling blend that will make them happy and give their coop or brood a botanical aroma.

Selling Features:

  • Great daily treat
  • Packed with nutrients
  • Perfect for foraging
  • Helps with mouth and dental health
  • Adds variety to your small pet’s diet

Note: chinchillas have different nutritional needs and have far more restrictions. We don’t recommend this blend for chinchillas.


Chamomile, clover, hibiscus, rose petals and buds, lavender, elderflower, and some dandelion leaves thrown in for good measure. (Because who doesn’t love dandelion?)

Feeding Instructions:

Any new food, snack, or supplement should be introduced patiently. Give your animal a tablespoon per day. The first few days they may not touch it at all. Avoid putting their new snacks or supplements on top of greens, pellets, or mixing into hay at first. (We don’t want them to stop eating the things they already trust because this new stuff is all over it.) Make a fuss about the new stuff, tell them how good it is. Do a little snack dance. They’ll get the idea, and work up their confidence, and one day they’ll try it. After that, there will be no looking back. They will run up to you when they hear the bag and look forward to their herbs and flowers with great anticipation.


Species Age
Rabbits 6+ Months (or when moved to adult pellets)
Guinea Pigs 6+ Months (or when moved to adult pellets)
Chickens 8+ Weeks

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