Small Pet Select Second Cut Timothy Hay 40lb

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About This Product:

Small Pet Select Second Cut Timothy Hay is known as the gold standard of hay, with texture and fiber amounts between first and third cuttings, giving your small pet the best of both worlds. This hay is leafy with soft stems and a medium amount of flower heads, a super delicious meal your adult rabbit, guinea pig or chinchilla will love to feast away on!

Small Pet Select Second Cut Timothy Hay has the perfect ratio of nutrients for your pet’s health maintenance, giving them a meal that is super delicious and absolutely nutritious. This hay is high in protein and fiber, helping to prevent GI stasis and other digestive issues. Hay is a great was to encourage your animal to chew and help keep the teeth worn down. This Timothy hay is hand picked fresh from the Pacific Northwest, USA, providing your pet with only the best. Hay should be 80% of your small pet’s daily diet, along with healthy treats for extra nutrients and of course, water. Available in various sizes for your pet’s needs and made by a small family-owned company.

Selling Features:

  • Ultra premium hay
  • Popular second cut
  • Grown in the USA
  • Perfect for small pets
  • Value priced


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Weight 40 lbs