Small Pet Select Braid Mobile

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About This Product:

Small Pet Select Braid Mobile is a great toy that doubles as the perfect chew. This braided mobile is meant to be hung to encourage tugging, a great natural behaviour your small pet exhibits in the wild, great for dental health.

Small Pet Select Braid Mobile is made from a timothy/alfalfa blend that is rich in fiber. Depending on the season this product is bought in, it can also include material such as akebia, blackberry stem, apple twigs, cattail, lambs quarter stems, sunroot or sunflower stems and may contain maize, rye, or oat grass. This fun toy helps to prevent cage boredom and keeps your small pet active.

*Not recommended for Chinchillas.

Selling Features:

  • Fun toy that doubles as a chew
  • Lets your small pet express their natural tugging behaviour
  • Great for dental health
  • Made with a timothy/alfalfa blend
  • Rich in fiber
  • Can also contain other “feel good” ingredients that vary upon season collected


(approx. 6″ of “good bits”)

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