Prime Hemp Support Herbal Supplement

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About This Product:

Prime Hemp Support Herbal Supplement is a unique and powerful anti-inflammatory agent that also reduces pain in the joints and body. It’s made with five all natural ingredients:

Ashwagandha: one of the most powerful remedies in Ayurvedia healing, and also known as Indian Ginseng. This herb is known to reduce stress, promote restfulness, and relieve anxiety. It’s also a natural antibacterial agent that can decrease pain and inflammation prevent internal infections, improve muscle function, and more.

Boswellia: Also known as Indian Frankincense, this anti-inflammatory ingredient is perfect for joint and arthritic pain.

Meadowsweet: This herb is a pain reliever that is also effective in removing fevers. It’s a popular remedy for headaches, intestinal discomfort, heartburn, joint pain, arthritis, muscle pain, skin conditions, and more.

Devil’s Claw: Compounds found in Devil’s Claw help to support joint comfort by promoting a healthy response to everyday joint stress.

Turmeric: A powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent.

Selling Features:

  • A carefully curated blend of natural herbs
  • Ingredients come from the best quality sources in the world
  • A powerful anti-inflammatory, pain management, and joint support supplement
  • Free from artificial dyes, preservatives, and ingredients
  • 100% all natural
  • Proudly Canadian


Ashwagandha, Boswellia, Devil’s Claw, Meadowsweet and Turmeric

Available Sizes:

545 gram


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