Noochy Poochy Puppy and Small Adult Vegan Dog Food 2 KG

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About This Product:

Noochy Poochy Puppy and Small Adult Vegan Dog Food is proudly made in the United Kingdom. This nutrient dense recipe is loaded with protein from responsibly sourced soybeans, peas, lupin beans, chickpeas, lentils, and more. Plus, your pooch will love the taste of tomatoes, oats, carrots, and mixed herbs. Nutritional yeast adds a burst of nutrition, while also giving every bite a tasty, cheesy flavour that your pooch is sure to love.

Noochy Poochy Puppy and Small Adult Vegan Dog Food is complete and balanced for young pups dogs of all breeds and sizes, as well as adult small breed dogs. Plant-based dog foods are quickly gaining popularity as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional meat proteins. They’re also a great choice for dogs who suffer from allergies to common meats. 2 KG bag.

Selling Features:

  • Complete and balanced for puppies and small breed adults
  • Loaded with essential nutrients and vitamins from wholefoods
  • Fortified to ensure your pooch has everything the need to thrive
  • A delicious cheesy flavour
  • Made in the United Kingdom


chickpeas, certified responsibly sourced soybean, pea protein, UK grown naked oats, organic brown rice, sweet lupin beans, nutritional yeast, saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast cultures, lentils, olive oil, rapeseed oil, linseed oil, marine algal oil, mortierella alpina oil, tomatoes, carrots, organic rice protein, chelated minerals, extract of yucca plant, mixed herbs

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