Legendary Canine Lavender and Geranium Ear Cleaner

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About This Product:

Legendary Canine Lavender and Geranium Ear Cleaner is gentle and safe. This all natural formula is made from geranium, lavender, and soothing aloe vera, for a gentle cleansing and moisturizing effect with a lovely scent. This soothing formula can help prevent wax build-up, which is important for preventing ear infections. Witch hazel helps cleanse ears that are itchy, smelly, or waxy, too. This formula is 100% natural and proudly made in Canada. It is lick safe, non-toxic, and safe for all dogs.

Selling Features:

  • 100% natural
  • Gently cleanses ears
  • Removes waxy build-up
  • Removes unwanted ear odours
  • Made in Canada


4oz bottle


Aloe Vera Gel Juice, Geogard Ect, Geranium Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Turkey Red Castor Oil, Water, Witch Hazel

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